Invitation to Join Asian Chemical Society (ACSoc) to promote and spread Chemical Science

Dear Colleague/ Professor

One of the salient missions of Chemistry and Chemical Technology is the conception of innovative substances and materials that can enormously improve our quality of life and share a substantial part of national and international economy- as has been realized. To fulfil such a mission, The Asian Chemical Society (ACSoc) has been started in the umbrella body of Researchers/Scientist/Educationist of Chemical Science or related allied sciences, throughout the world which, among other things, seeks to protect the professional interest of chemists as well as promote the propagation, study and practice of the Chemical Science. The Asian Chemical Society (ACSoc) has endeavoured, and currently is attempting, to be a forum for scientist to exchange new ideas, foster promising research fields, and disseminate essential information and technology within and outside the researcher's circle.

For the expansion of the society, we invite you to join membership of Asian Chemical Society (ACSoc), which is free, no membership fee required.

The society is also looking for Regional Chapter, Regional Chapter Team Member, Regional Office, Zonal Offices, State Office throughout the world.

We heartily welcome your participation.


Asian Chemical Society (ACSoc)